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We bring the sense of touch to your virtual worlds

Adding the sensation of touching and being touched empowers you to develop more exciting environments.

Consider these ideas:

– Powerfull mental mapping of the users body onto it’s virtual counterpart, by synchronising virtual events and real world physical stimulation.
– Let users feel interactions with virtual objects
– Let user feel object states (e.g. simulate squeeze, oversqueeze, weight)
– Let users physically interact with other users (e.g. social touch)
– Attent users on specific body parts (e.g. tap on shoulder, brush against the right leg)
– Simulate stress/suspense (e.g. rythmic all-body stimulation)

3 easy steps to offer tactile sensation in your virtual world

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Step 1: Our tactile SDK

Get our SDK to explore your prefered suit lay-out and tactile rendering mechanisms.

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Step 2: Integrate the sensations

Integrate tactile output in your game environment, build your rendering mechanisms. Unity plug-in and support available from Creative Pudding.

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Step 3: Get a custom wearable

Get a beautiful and integrated wearable for your users with your lay-out, possibly integrated in existing clothing.

Step 1: Our Tactile SDK

The large set of straps enables you to change the lay-out of the suit to cover different parts of the body. Stick the vibration units anywhere on the straps by using the velcro backing. You can easily add, remove or relocate the vibration units to meet scenarios that you desire.

The Tactile SDK is delivered as a complete package including:

– Set of different velcro-enabled straps fitted for different body parts (torso, leg, arm)
– 16 vibration units with velcro backing
– Connection cable kit
– Bluetooth control module
– Computer software to control the vibration units (on USB-stick)
– Charging cable
– User manual
– Storage bag

Step 2: Integrate the sensations

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Integrate the tactile sensations you desire in your virtual environment. We offer an out-of-the box, well documented, plugin for Unity. Talk to us about connecting to other game engines.

We are no game developers ourselves, we build hardware. Therefore, we have a partner to support you. CreativePudding has the relevant experience to give support to get you started, or take on work you don’t want to do yourself.


Get the Unity plugin now

Step 3: Get beautiful wearables

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The SDK you used to determine your desired layout is only the beginning. Elitac designs and builds unique wearable electronics. Using a patented technique to omit cables, our designs are stretchable and flexible. We will make custom designs to match your desired layout.

Our custom electronics can be laminated into most textiles, even into existing pieces of clothing. Elitac can manufacture small to medium quantities, or license production methods to other facilities for medium to large scale production. Contact us for quotes.