Science Suit R&D hardware

Elitac provides an easy to use, highly customizable product that can be used to test tactile applications in a research environment. Use the science suit to test and validate your new ideas.

The Science Suit is designed to enable an easy connection and operating system to all common devices (mobile and desktop), either by cable or Bluetooth connection.

Elitac offers 3 types of R&D hardware kits:

Torso kit (9 tactors)

Opsskin+hardware Products
  • 9 tactors: 8 vibration motors equally spaced around the torso and one tactor for system feedback.
  • OPSskin shirt, tight fit, made of moisture wicking mesh material.
  • Vibration motors can be placed around the torso.
  • Available in multiple sizes (S to XL).

Extended torso kit (16 tactors)

Sceincesuit+hardware products
  • 16 vibration motors that allow for more levels of feedback around the torso or extension to (upper) arms or legs.
  • A fully velcro enabled shirt that allows you to place vibration motors anywhere.
  • One size, fits waist size from 72-108 cm, chest size from 76-117cm.

Torso and body kit (9 tactors)

  • 9 vibration motors for tactile feedback on all body parts.
  • Set of velcro enabled 7 straps (torso, leg, arm).
  • Easily add, remove or relocate vibration motors based on your subject/participant or research purposes.

Technical specifications

  • Wired electronics, attached in pockets and using Velcro
  • Up to 32 vibration elements, cable lenghts made-to-order
  • Electronics are detachable for laundry
  • Sweat resistant
  • Bluetooth or USB connection
  • HID connection to all common devices and operating systems (mobile and desktop)
  • Powerfull ARM processor
  • Shirt runs on ‘TactileOS’ operating system, which accommodates future applications or custom work on the embedded system
  • Integrated compass optional
  • GNSS module optional
  • Battery time at least 8 hours (depends highly on use)
  • OPSskin shirt (size S-XL), Size-adjustable full-velcro shirt or strap set
  • Weight electronics (9 tactors + control module): ± 90g

Available Now • Price: Project based, upon request

Download flyer with technical specifications
close up picture hardware
Tactor string picture
close up picture from tactor

Custom solutions

We build customised solutions for partners who want to integrate our technology in their products or prototypes.

We also facilitate complete Joint Development Projects from ideation until production. Read about our working method.

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