Numerous applications of tactile information

Tactile information is proven to be a very intuitive communication channel to users. The communication is discrete, silent and very personal. Only the person who is wearing the device will notice the feedback.

We can think of numerous applications of tactile in new product ideas such as:

waypoint navigatieWaypoint navigation
– Directional information provided intuitively to the skin. 

turn-by-turn navigationTurn-by-Turn navigation – Navigate without overloading eyes and ears.

communication iconCommunication – Discrete communication without using light or sound.

virtual touch iconVirtual touch – Immersive virtual worlds with the addition of touch.

waypoint navigatieWaypoint navigation


“Continuous and intuitive guidance”

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Our waypoint navigation system guides users using gentle vibrations in their shirt. This system is intuitive and discrete, and allows the user to pay full attention to the environment.
A waypoint navigation route consists of one or more waypoints. The GPS enables the user to navigate to the nearest waypoint, then to the next one until the final destination is reached.

• Direction and distance of waypoint displayed through vibrations
• Keep eyes and ears free, increase situational awareness
• Easy coordination of an action, less individual preparations

• Navigate in action, without map or display
• Follow beacons unnoticed
• Discrete

waypoint navigatieTurn-by-turn navigation

Our turn-by-turn navigation system guides drivers by gentle vibrations in their shirt or seat. The intuitive vibration patterns indicate not only left and right, but give pre-warnings, signal roundabouts and junctions. This keeps a driver’s eyes on the road.
This product is developed and commercialized by Sentaz a joint venture (in formation) between Elitac and Teijin Aramid. Please have a look at the Sentaz website for more information about this product (

• Distinct vibration patterns for all common navigation cues
• Keep eyes and ears free for the primary task of driving
• Can be used as stand-alone app on a smartphone

• Can be connected to several existing navigation systems
• Reduces the risk of navigation mistakes

turn-by-turn image
“Keep a driver’s eyes on the road”

waypoint navigatieCommunication


“Crisp and clear communication”

Using the communication button or app, short simple signals can be sent discretely without being seen or heard. The receiver will feel the pattern and the direction of the sender.
Communication remains possible even in conditions with low visibility when emission of light or sound is undesired.

• Send messages that cannot be seen or heard
• Integrated in clothing: equipment not visible

• Exact timing of group action
• Discrete initiation of retreat
• Easy signals and predefined commands

waypoint navigatieVirtual touch

Virtual reality goggles are on the verge of becoming mainstream. There is one very important aspect holding back the current virtual worlds from feeling real – the absence of touch. To further increase the meaningfulness of virtual worlds, the user has to be able to physically interact with the virtual surroundings. To not only see his body movement reflected in the virtual environment, but to also feel objects and events from the virtual world – in real life. We envision wearable technology that does just that: offer the sense of touch when roaming the virtual world…

Tactile Applications VR image