OPSskin can be used to provide users with intuitive information in different kind of projects. Information can be provided directly to the skin keeping hands, eyes and ears free. It can be used to transmit information.

Suitable for custom projects

OPSskin comes with a shirt and wired electronics attached in pockets using velcro. The Shirt runs on ‘TactileOS’ operating system, which accommodates custom work for your project. The shirt is made from a moisture-wicking, breathable and anti-bacterial material, to make it comfortable to wear in different situations and environments. OPSskin can be easily put on using the zipper, the electronics are detachable for laundry.

Available Now
• Minimum order quantity: 10 pieces
• Price: Project based, upon request

Connects to existing systems

OPSskin is designed to enable an easy connection and operating system to all common devices (mobile and desktop), either by cable or Bluetooth connection. OPSskin contains a built-in compass and GPS to allow for directional information.

close up picture hardware
Tactor string picture
close up picture from tactor

Technical Specifications

  • Wired electronics, attached in pockets and using velcro
  • Electronics are detachable for laundry
  • Sweat resistant
  • Bluetooth or USB connection
  • HID connection to all common devices and operating systems (mobile and desktop)
  • Powerfull ARM processor
  • Shirt runs on ‘TactileOS’ operating system, which accommodates future applications or custom work
  • Integrated compass and GPS
  • Battery time at least 8 hours (depends highly on use)
  • Weight: ± 250 gram
  • Sizes: S to XL, or can be integrated in existing attire

Example of applications

Waypoint navigation


OPSskin can be used for an easy and reliable way of navigation. Vibrations can be given in the direction of the next waypoint. Distance can be distinguished by the number of vibrations.

The shirt can give a clear signal when the waypoint is reached and can automatically move on to the next.

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The navigation application can also be used for guidance to a rendez-vous point or to patrol an area. If a group is separated, the individual can be directed to the established rendez-vous point.



With the covert communication application, group communication is possible by sharing pre-defined tactile patterns. Short signals can be sent discreetly without being seen or heard.

Thus communication remains possible even in conditions with low visibility when emission of light or sound is undesired.

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Interested in using OPSskin?

We build custom solutions for partners who want to integrate our technology in their products. Contact us with your ideas to info@elitac.nl.