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Elitac B.V., located in Utrecht, the Netherlands, focuses on market applications of innovative tactile displays. Elitac works at the border of knowledge development and application and the company maximizes their efforts to bring tactile products to the market. Elitac sells standard, off the shelf tactile products (controle modules, vibration units, belts) and specifically designed custom made tactile displays. For rapid prototyping and easy testing in research or development projects Elitac offers a modular suit – the science suit. This suit is being used in universities and research centres worldwide. Elitac develops all software and hardware for this product in house, and values its relationships with suppliers to be able to manufacture new high quality products rapidly.


Jasper Dijkman

Jasper Dijkman


Jasper Dijkman is Elitacs’ CEO. He studied business (Industrial Engineering and Management) at the University of Twente. As one of the founders of Elitac he is engaged in setting a strategy to build towards wide commercial acceptance of tactile interfaces.

Merijn Klarenbeek

Merijn Klarenbeek


Merijn Klarenbeek studied Industrial Engineering and Management and gained experience in different start-ups, bridging the gap between research findings and commercial applications. As Chief Commercial Officer he is responsible for commercialisation of tactile interfaces developed by Elitac. Finding new markets and start launching customer projects.

Carien Caljouw

Carien Caljouw


Carien Caljouw is Elitac's COO, responsible for the daily operation of the company. She obtained her M.Phil. in cognitive neuroscience at the University of Leiden. Carien gained experience in project management in various R&D projects at the Dutch research institute TNO. As a consultant she provided integrated quality and cost management solutions for healthcare providers.

Wouter Vos

Wouter Vos

Senior Scientist

Wouter Vos is Elitacs’ senior scientist on tactile displays. He obtained his M.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Twente in the Netherlands in 2004 and worked for 8 years at the Dutch research institute TNO. He developed and evaluated innovative visual, auditory and tactile human interaction concepts.

Bram Bicknese

Bram Bicknese

Lead developer

Bram Bicknese is Elitacs' Lead developer. Bram studied electrical engineering (B.Eng) and gained experience in hardware development at Thales and Massey University in Palmerston North, New Zealand. As hardware and software developer Bram is responsible for the designing new PCBs, writing firmware and evaluating the new designs.

Ezra Neuteboom

Ezra Neuteboom

Electronics developer

Ezra Neuteboom studied electrical engineering at The Hague University and is hard- and software developer at Elitac. Ezra did projects for Thales, TNO and EMC. At Elitac he is responsible for designing hardware, firmware and testing new designs.

Arend De Jonge

Arend de Jonge

Software programmer

Arend de Jonge studies for a Masters in Mathematics, specialising in algebraic geometry and cryptography. As intern at NATO/NCIA he has built novel crypto software to test fitness for future use. Arend hopes that this programming knowledge will come to good use when builds on the firmware back-end of Elitac products.

Anneke Van Abbema

Anneke van Abbema

Wearable product designer

Anneke van Abbema is Elitac’s Wearable Product Designer. In 2011 she graduated from Delft University of Technology as Integrated Product Designer. Hereafter she worked on multiple innovative sports- and medical products. She’s responsible for the design and production of textile parts, integration of electronics and accessories.

Thomas Vos

Thomas Vos

Junior Designer

Thomas Vos studies Communication and multimedia design at Hogeschool van Amsterdam. He started as an intern at Elitac and continued to work at Elitac hereafter. Thomas is involved with the design of the brand identity of Elitac and website design.

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